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Ventura Klezmer Band

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The Ventura Klezmer Band 

was founded in 1988 by clarinetist/singer Marty Flam and for over 10 years has been under the musical direction of accordionist/pianist Ron Fink. The Band performs throughout Central and Southern California at weddings, bar-mitzvahs, anniversary parties, other simchas, concerts, fund raisers and festivals.

Appearing yearly since 1993 at the Santa Barbara Jewish Festival in Oak Park with up to 10 musicians playing Yiddish, Israeli, Hassidic music. the Band has helped give an exciting mood to the festivals.

At the 2000 festival, the band presented "Bei Mir Bistu Shein" and other period music from Marty Flam's new Jewish musical, "We Are Here!"

The Ventura Klezmer Band members who performed in 2000 were:

  • Ron Fink, a musician and composer on keyboards and accordion
  • Marty Flam, a playwright, musician and attorney on clarinet and vocals
  • Kathy Fink, a college mathematics professor playing saxophone, flute and clarinet
  • Brenda Tzipori, school counselor, formerly a professional singer as vocalist
  • Peter Jaffe, ba'al tekiah shofar and trombonist
  • Victor Koik, a research scientist who plays bass and mandolin
  • Roger Bridges, musician and teacher, on trumpet
  • Bob Szczesiak, a manager, on violin
  • Larry Cardozo, a social worker, on percussion

    The Band, can be heard on their website:

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