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The Stein Family & Shir Aliyah

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The Stein Family And Shir Aliyah   

Hazzan Mike Stein, native of Brooklyn, N.Y. is the cantor at Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills, Calif. His story is the reverse of the classic movie "The Jazz Singer." Simply put, he began his journey to the cantorate as a successful singer, songwriter and actor. As a teenager, he appeared on Broadway in the original cast of three Broadway shows, including JC Superstar. He toured with the original road show of Tommy and appeared with Orson Welles in the movie A Safe Place. He then played 17 years in The United States Navy Band in Washington, D.C., playing at the White House for three presidents and touring the world, including Beijing, China and Stockholm, Sweden. During this time he wrote several children's albums, (one was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999) and a patriotic song that was used during the Desert Storm campaign and played throughout the world.

Through this journey, Mike has kept a close tie to his Jewish roots. Reared in a traditional Jewish home, Mike began to explore his love for Jewish music and has discovered that it is Yiddishkeit that is closest to his heart. Over the past ten years he has been cantor for two synagogues and teacher to hundreds of young Jewish children and adults alike.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Sociology from the University of the State of New York. He was awarded the Navy Commendation and Achievement medals while in the United States Navy. Hazzan Stein is a member of the Cantors Assembly, the officially recognized body of hazzanim of the Conservative Movement.

His wife
Kelley, studied opera and has performed at the White House, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and at many venues with her musical family. Jacob is a graduate of Yale University, and serves as music specialist at Temple Aliyah and at Temple Israel in North Hollywood. Justin Stein is an opera major at CSUN Northridge and Jared Stein is a violin major at Hamilton High School in West Los Angeles.

Jacob is 24 and going to graduate school for Art. Justin is 20. Jared is 17 and going to UC Santa Barbara this fall.

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