Past Connection Events


The Connection's first event July 11, 1998, a Havdalah on Leadbetter beach. It was a nice turn out, over 30 people. Song-leading, stories, and sharing were led by Itzik Ben-Sasson and Melody Meisel. The evening was something special.

We're off to a great start.

havdalah2.jpg (18338 bytes) Leo, Debbie, Becca, and Alex take in some early evening schoozing.

Just try to stop smiling, we dare ya!... the sentiment of the day from Becca and Debbie

havdalah_10.jpg (13189 bytes)

havdalah1.jpg (16523 bytes)

Beach blanket bingo with Marianne, Koby, Itzik, Alex and all the rest.

But when it's time to eat, well, it's time to eat!

havdalah3.jpg (14103 bytes)