Past Connection Events

SBJC takes on Seven Falls.
March 28,1999


We got a pretty nice vista of the falls from the top. Time for a photo op.

sevenfalls6.jpg (14399 bytes)

sevenfalls8.jpg (17409 bytes)

Ahhhh, time to rest our weary tootsies, and chow.

It's important to find the perfect shady resting spot, even if we have to sit above everyone else.

sevenfalls9.jpg (13954 bytes)
sevenfalls10.jpg (14950 bytes) All the food is gone so we're on our way back home.

One last look back.

sevenfalls11.jpg (10446 bytes)

sevenfalls7.jpg (13970 bytes)

Here's our special new friends, Calle and Jeremy Gold, and son (they're in the diamond business).  Unlike us they new exactly how to get where they were going.  Special thanks to them for leading us from our mitzrayim.