Past Connection Events

SBJC takes on Seven Falls, and kicks butt.
March 29, 1999

Braving the Santa Barbara March springtime weather, sixteen brave souls prepared to embark on what was to be a harrowing adventure into the unknown depths of Santa Barbara back country.  Equipped with only our wits, several back packs of food, cell phones, pagers, and assorted beverages the brave souls of SBJC forged ahead to tackle the wild rivers and raging falls that lay before us. 

It was quite a gorgeous sunny day, actually.  We hiked over the first falls and along the stream until we found the perfect picnic spot, and like any group of nice Jewish people we sat our butts down and schmoozed and ate.  On the return trip home we stopped at Jonah's deli and ate some more.  Hey, we worked up an appetite.


Every hike has a starting place...

sevenfalls0.jpg (9929 bytes)

sevenfalls1.jpg (18485 bytes)

and they're off!

"Say, are we still going uphill?"

sevenfalls2.jpg (13337 bytes)
sevenfalls3.jpg (10984 bytes) There's always time to play with a lizard.

And there's always time for girl talk.

sevenfalls4.jpg (14841 bytes)

sevenfalls5.jpg (18785 bytes)

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to climbing we go.