Past Connection Events

SBJC escapes Mitzrayim with 2nd Night Passover Seder - Film at 11.
April 1, 1999

Connectoids met at Ron and Nina's for a different kind of seder.  This wasn't your run-of-the mill seder, taking turns reading the hagadah around the table anxiously awaiting the food.  Nina and Ron prepared a sitting area where we lounged (27 of us) on mattresses and futons and couches and whatever, and paired together to consider some thoughtful questions from the hagadah that Ron and Nina had prepared for us. As we read the hagadah we each took the floor with our thoughts and insights. I was totally inspiring. After all these years it gets easy to gloss over the service and head straight to the food and schmooze. But this was really a thought provoking and meaningful evening. Done in a way that only SBJC could do it. 

Special thanks to Ron and Nina for hosting the seder to Leo for a fine job organizing, and to several people who spent endless hours preparing the Kosher-for-Pesach meal.  Nice job to everybody.


Why was this seder different from all other seders?

seder1.jpg (12548 bytes)

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... because we get to take off our shoes and sit on the floor... and we're grown-ups.  Well, sorta.  Here we have Debbie Smilovitz lighting up the room.

Reading from the hagada then Q & A.

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seder4.jpg (11493 bytes) Marianne serves the bitter herbs from the seder plate.

Koby and Marianne sharing the hagada (they're engaged so it's ok).

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