Past Connection Events

Fun in the Sun Havdalah.
May 15, 1999

You just have to love Santa Barbara. Our havdalahs are the perfect way to add just a touch more Jewish ritual into your life. We usher out Shabbat with candlelight, wine, and spices. It's short, sweet, and rich in spiritual themes. And it's a darn good way to spend some quality time in the sunshine with friendly Jewish folks, schmoozing, eating, and playing. 


Michael and Jill reflecting the general mood of the day.

Jill and Michael


Sharon shining in the sun.

"We know we're cute, we can't help it!" radiates Isabelle and Sophie

Isabelle and Sophie

photo op

Laura takes a photo opportunity.

Joe explains that you can't have your cake and eat it too, unless your eat this great veggie lasagna that I made first.

Joe and Racheal