Past Connection Events

Shabbat and Israeli Dancing... a night to remember.
June 25, 1999

It was a great potluck and dance. Special thanks to Becca Frisch for organizing this splendid successful Shabbat at the JCC and for teaching new and old Israeli dance steps from her vast repertoire.


Scott, Melody, Leo, Rosemary, and Ron are the new Shabbat Power Rangers.

Scott, Melody, Leo, Rosemary, and Ron

Koby & Marianne

Koby and Marianne enjoy the spirit of sharing on Shabbat.

Lauren, Nina, and Karen are the back up Shabbat Power Rangers.

Lauren, Nina, & Karen

Shabbat Dinner

Smiles abound tonight.

Smiles all around as the dancers work off the potluck feast.

Israeli Dancing

Follow the Leader

Time to play follow Nina.

Lauren identifies specific elements of the Shabbat potluck.