Past Connection Events

August 22, 1998

Just about fifty "connectors" gathered at Leadbetter beach for our second-ever Havdalah, August 22nd. The evening was light, with song-leading and nuggets of information by Cantor Mark Childs of Congregation B'nai B'rith and our very own chair person Melody Meisel. I'll tell you what, we sure know how to throw a party... or a picnic... or a Havdalah... or use felt markers.  There were many new faces, fine food o'plenty, and several talented people showing off their art skills with extremely creative and colorful name tags.  It was a beautiful warm summer afternoon and evening. Any way you slice it, it was a great way to spend the day.

Our special thanks to Cantor Mark Childs for his special touch.


The awesome Havdalah silver throated double team, Cantor Mark and Melody.

havdalah_18.jpg (6754 bytes)

havdalah_1 980822.jpg (11310 bytes) So long as there's sun, there's plenty of time for fun.

But when the sun goes down, wine and spices go around.

havdalah_5 980822.jpg (8924 bytes)

havdalah_14.jpg (10751 bytes)

David and Dana... make a nice looking couple, eh... no pressure.

Cantor Mark Childs and his magic guitar.

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havdalah_9 980822.jpg (6322 bytes)

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