Past Connection Events

Bowling Schmowling - Hitting the Lanes with Attitude.
November 11, 1999

We're just Jewish people taking over the Orchid Bowl and the Good Earth. "Don't mind us, we couldn't be more innocent. Heh, heh. We're here to knock over bowling pins and take no prisoners!"  We filled up three lanes and all the while hip hoppin'  to KTYD rock'n roll.  This event is quickly turning to the people's choice social event with another highly anticipated bowling night requested for next quarter. 


The evening started at the Good Earth. Don't you just hate having your picture taken while your trying to eat?! 

The Good Earth Din Din

Michael, Debbie, and Joe

Debbie and Joe making friends with our waitress.

Just getting warmed up; Suzey, Michael, Andrew, Ron, Becca, Lauren, Marcy, Bob.

The first lane gang

Becca's photo op

"Now let's get this show on the road!", proclaims Becca with an inocently glowing smile just prior to beating the pins senseless

The pins are falling left, the pins are falling right; Becca, Marcy, and Lauren showing us team spirit.

Becca and Marcy

Michael and Marcy

Michael releases, Marcy begins the strike sequence that she repeats many times through the course of the evening.

Marcy displays her flawless style for all to marvel at.