Past Connection Events

Havdalah at Leadbetter Beach - It just doesn't get better than this.
June 4, 2000

Our Havdalah events are always well attended joyful events, with usually between 40 to 50 people. This one was no different and it‘s easy to see why. About 40 people met, shared, and socialized, played Frisbee, and ate a tremendous feast (I especially enjoyed Dana’s enchiladas). As the sun was setting we lined up along to beach to witness a special treat as a pod of dolphins frolicked in the ocean before us. As the stars came out we shared in the delights of the candlelight, the scents, and the harmonious sounds of Havdalah (Melody‘s voice is always a treat, while Itzik and J.J. played their guitar with delightful skill). It was a beautiful blend of friendship and spirituallity. Thanks to Becca for hosting the event, Melody and Cheryl for leading the lovely service, and Leo and Cheryl for running home to get the candle.

Everyone has worked up a nice appetite playing at the beach today. 

chow time

Checking out the aaaaction. Left to right, Lauren, Dana, and Rosemary.

Some people just want to be near the food.

Melanie and Salomon deep in discussion, "you say potato pancakes,  I say Hamantaschen!!"

Let's get cozy in our flannels and blankies.