Past Connection Events

Shabbaton in Ojai
July 22, 2000

We enjoyed Akiva's hospitality in his spiritual surroundings of Ojai. His local sported a stream running through his backyard, a full on hotsprings 10 steps from his back door, a swimming hole just around the corner, and raising mountains punctuating this delightful vista on either side. We enjoyed these surroundings with quality company, dueling guitars with cleverly improvised lyrics, a bountiful potluck, and spiritual discussions. It was a memorable day. Special thanks to Akiva for hosting this splendid event.

Enjoying good music, good company and bountiful potluck, picnic style.
(left to right: Ed, Akiva, Lauren, Becca, Suzey, Michael, and Debbie)

Caught with our mouths full
(left to right: Debbie, Ed, Akiva, Lauren, Becca)

Howard snuck into one picture.

Ed and Akiva entertain us with their creative lyrics and talented strumming.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the swimming hole we go.