Past Connection Events

SBJC invades KTYD's RoCk 'N BowL!
February 25, 1999

The evening started out innocently enough, a nice peaceful gathering of Connectoids at the Good Earth restaurant.   Pleasant conversation, the always tasty food (and ubiquitous 12 summer vegetable soup) then it was off to the alleys. 

Once at the Orchid Bowl you could feel the excitement in the air, folks jockeying in line for their golden bowling slippers, jockeying for that perfect bowling ball.  And, indeed, there were some sad bowlers that night for there was a run on size 10 golden bowling slippers.  But we overcame such meaningless obstacles, nothing could dampen our enthusiasm, and it was off to our lanes.   There were some excuses parleyed early in the evening but the Connectors persevered.  We did indeed do some serious damage to those frightened little bowling pins at the end of the lane.  By the end of the evening it was strikes and spares for everyone.  And who had high score?   Well, between the 99 cent beers and dancing around to some seriously loud rock 'n roll, well, maybe it's best to say we were all high scorers.


See, we're not getting into any trouble, just sitting here having a nice quiet dinner.

Feast at the Good Earth

Here's the gang

But wait, what are these round orb-like objects.  You say we should hurl these heavy orbs with all the intention of busting up that nice arrangement of pins down there?    Well, alrighty then.

First, Lauren waves hands over magic orb and recites bowling mantra incantation spell, "please don't get a gutter ball, please don't get a gutter ball".


Lauren and Ron

And it works!  Lauren and Ron both gunnin' for that single pin spare.

Tam, Lisa, Laura, and Leo concentrating.  Bowling requires a lot of concentration, really.

Concentration, a new game from Parker Brothers