The Jewish Connection is a place for the young professionals in the Jewish community to kindle Jewish friendships, share in the rich customs and traditions of Judaism, and provide opportunities for social action and education. Get involved. We assemble an active calendar every quarter that includes a variety of spiritual, social, and educational events.  Here's a little more on what we're about: connecting, why join, and what we do.

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Mammoth Ski Trip
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    The Last Hoorah Chanukah Party
    Sunday, August 29   3 - 8 pm
    Lisa and Eric Miller's home
    The Final Event for the Santa Barbara Jewish Connection!
    Saturday, December 11 6:30pm
    (come at 6:00 if you want to help cook latkes)
    RSVP to Lisa at 569-6023 or


  • A Final Letter from the Jewish Connection
    The Jewish Connection has had a wonderful existence. It was
    founded in 1998 by around 15 people who were all looking for
    Jewish programs for young adults. Since then, we've seen many
    wonderful Shabbat and holiday gatherings. We've had dozens
    of social events and even established a coed softball team.
    There have been many, many friendships established, as well as
    several marriages. It has truly been a successful endeavor!!!

    Why is this the end, you ask? Well, for the last two years the
    Jewish Connection has been running because of the efforts of
    Debbie Smilovitz and myself, Becca Licha. We have had some
    help along the way, especially from Howard Friedenberg who
    does the website and a few other folks who have come to a
    planning meeting or helped host an event. But the truth of the
    matter is that there's no one knocking down the door for Jewish
    events like there used to be. And since our priorities are shifting
    and there's no one to pass the torch to, we have decided that
    it's time to face the facts.

    So, please join us for the final gathering of "The Connection." We
    will be celebrating the six successful years of our group with one
    last Party! This will be a vegetarian potluck dinner (dairy OK).
    Come at 6:00 if you want to help out with cooking the latkes.

  • File under "We Love You Guys": - - Here's a special thanks to all those that attended our events, those who volunteered their time and energies to make this group happen, and the SB Jewish Federation for their enthusiastic support. Thanks.

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