Why not join SBJC?

With the Jewish community dispersed across the tri-county area, do you ever wonder where the Jews your age are? SBJC creates that sense of Jewish community and bring Jews in their 20's, 30's, and 40 something's together to celebrate Jewish life.

SBJC offers the opportunity to explore Jewish life in many ways:

  • Friendship - SBJC has brought together a group of people from different backgrounds who share a desire to make Judaism a bigger part of their lives and to develop lasting friendships in the process. SBJC gives you the opportunity to socialize with Jews your age, have fun, and do something worthwhile in the process.

  • Social Action - The concept of tikkun olam -- helping repair or transform the world -- is an integral part of Judaism. SBJC puts Judaism into action by helping the needy in our community.

  • Religion & Education - Judaism is about freedom of choice, but informed choices can't be made without an understanding of the different alternatives. We realize that many Jews our age want to learn more about Judaism, observe a Jewish holiday, or attend services, but don't know how, are intimidated, or just want some company. SBJC gives you the opportunity to participate in a mutually supportive and enjoyable way.

  • Leadership Opportunities - Whether you wish to influence the future direction of SBJC or SB Jewish Federation, SBJC makes that possible. Become an officer of SBJC or participate in one of our SBJC committees: Social Action, Membership, and Religion/Education.  Your voice can be heard if you choose to get involved.